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I have spent my life decorating and re-decorating my rooms. When my surroundings feel good, I feel good. When my surroundings feel beautiful somehow I feel beautiful. I have also spent my life planning and analyzing things. The atmosphere around us impacts our mood and I believe this philosophy should travel with us as we plan celebrations. Building atmosphere out of a blank canvas requires beautiful, thoughtful aesthetics as well as sincere expectations, flow-driven timelines and well curated vendors.

When it comes to planning a great event - I believe that hospitality is at the center of it all. It's a balance of visual and service and I help you find that balance. 

Eliminating stress! I believe that there's a misconception that event planning is as easy as calling a caterer and sending out invites - that it's all fun. Yes, for me it is fun but event planning is time-consuming work that can add unwanted and unneeded stress to event hosts which ultimately keep the hosts from enjoying the event and can add a memory of stress to their big day. Professional planners are super familiar with the event industry and generally have an instinct for event flow which allows them to move through the planning process smoothly.

What do I consider the most valuable part of hiring a planner - 

I offer Full Planning for clients that want me to come alongside them to create the perfect day. I'm very hands on throughout the process with venue and vendor meetings / selections, budgeting, contract reviews, design and floorplans, timeline creation, event execution, etc. 

I do not offer a traditional Month/Day of Coordinating package, instead I offer Partial Planning. I have found this keeps me in the mix of the process but still allows the client to take the lead in their planning. Once we hit a month out it's very easy for me to step in with vendors to finalize details. From this point I will coordinate the details all the way through close of your event. 

For more information on my services and pricing - feel free to connect with me below and we can chat! 

Do I offer event planning packages - 

Ideally hiring a full service planner prior to choosing your venue and vendors will provide resources to you that you may not even know you need and can help you manage the budget from the very start.

If you choose to hire a month-of or day-of coordinator - remember that during your DIY planning it's important to research questions to ask vendors throughout the process, take good notes and provide your coordinator with all the details. Seriously, you can't share enough details with them. In DIY situations, the end goal is for you to plan the details of your big day but by the month-of you start handing off all the lovely details and start celebrating. By the week of you should have complete trust in your coordinator and should feel totally present and stress free to just enjoy the week.  

When should you hire a planner - 

In general, it's pretty simple for me - mutual respect, appreciation and trust. Yes, I certainly have aesthetics (vibes) and opinions that I gravitate toward but my end goal is to create an event that reflects the client. Only encouraging my personal style or vision means I'm not listening to you. That said, it's certainly helpful for you to be malleable by allowing me to guide you - based on my experience - to decisions that visually translate well and flow seamlessly. 

What are my values and expectations - 

Realizing the value in hiring someone who knows the ins and outs / ups and downs of planning a once in a life-time event is essential. I have never known anyone who regretted hiring a professional planner but I often hear regrets from those who don't.

Make sure your values and expectations align with one another. Your lives will be hyper-connected throughout the planning season - why go with a planner who doesn't connect with you in the ways that matter most? 

Hiring a planner -